Deluxe Open Top Party Bus

Southern Africa's Premier Open Top Activations Bus

Our 65 Seater Deluxe Open Top Party Bus AKA the “Hop on Hop Off Party Bus” is South Africa’s Premier Open Top Mobile Activation Bus with over 30 Branded activations over the last 5 Years

Deluxe Open Top Party Bus – Party Bus Specs
  • 65 Passengers
  • On-Board Toilet
  • Air-conditioning
  • Bar Counter and Ice Bucket
  • DJ Facility
  • Generator on request
  • LED Disco Lighting
  • Cordless Microphone & P/A System (on request)
  • 14 000w Bluetooth Party Bus Music System
  • 3 x Built in Copperlake Draught Taps (stocked on request)
  • Guests may bring their own snacks and drinks on board